About Me

I am a mountain guide and have had the privilege to take people into the mountains and teach them to climb all over the United States. I grew up in New Hampshire where I first learned to rock climb as a teenager on the schist cliffs of Rumney. I quickly graduated to traditional climbing throughout New England on the ample granite the area is known for. During the summer in high school I worked at a Boy Scout camp which is where I first taught climbing skills and my passion for introducing others to the vertical realm was cultivated.

I was lucky enough to chose a college that had an advanced extracurricular outdoor program called the Wilderness Program. Run by former guides, it is here I continued in my progression of professional instruction through teaching courses, training, and eventually certification from the American Mountain Guides Association as a Single Pitch Instructor. I also swung my first ice tool in the mountains of Vermont here and quickly built a fondness for more remote alpine terrain. It was becoming obvious my penchant for introducing others to climbing had grown to be my primary focus, and upon completing school I started working as a climbing instructor.

I now work with the American Alpine Institute on the West Coast. I spend the summer and winter in Washington state instructing alpine climbing courses and guiding technical objectives on the glaciated peaks and rock cliffs of the northwest. In the fall and spring I spend time guiding in the Southwest in the spectacular rock and alpine climbing destinations of Red Rock, Joshua Tree, and the Sierras.

I'm currently pursuing higher levels of training and certification through the American Mountain Guides Association Rock and Alpine disciplines. I plan on continuing my training with the goal of attaining international recognition as a fully certified IFMGA guide.

I offer guided ascents of routes and peaks throughout the Western US and Alaska with an emphasis on safety, esthetic, and fun! I specialize in customized course curricula for any type of climbing skill and experience level. I love to work with anyone just starting out or someone looking to take their skills to the next level. Please contact me through my contact page with any inquiries.

Certifications and Courses

AMGA Advanced Alpine Guide Course/Aspirant Exam - 2015
AMGA Advanced Rock Guide Course/Aspirant Exam - 2015
AMGA Alpine Guide Course - 2014
AMGA Ice Instructor Course - 2013
AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor Course Provider - 2012
AMGA Certified Climbing Wall Instructor - 2011
AMGA Rock Instructor Course - 2011
AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor - 2009
Leave No Trace Trainer - 2013
AIARE 2 Avalanche Training Course - 2013
AIARE 1 Avalanche Training Course - 2012
SOLO Certified Wilderness First Responder - 2006


"Beyond being a technically gifted alpinist - particularly on rock - with a well-honed sense of judgment born from years of climbing, it is as an instructor that Jeremy truly and uniquely shines. Coaching a group with a wide range in experience and fitness, Jeremy was able to push each and every one of his climbers to a new level of proficiency and confidence within two all-too-short weeks. Moreover, his humility and sense of humour render him an easy climbing partner, qualities that should never be underestimated in the mountains. As a climber committed to improving my own abilities, I look forward to working with Jeremy again and cannot recommend his services highly enough to others."
- Jonathan H.

"Exemplary is the word I think of when I think of Jeremy and I learned a lot more from him than the simple basics of mountaineering."
- Matt S.

"He managed to be both professional and informal, and I learned a tremendous amount from him. He impressed me as having very solid skills and excellent judgement, as well as being very personable."
- Michael N.

"Jeremy was fantastic in every way! I'd definitely climb with him again."
- Greg C.

"He was so nice and was very knowledgeable. He is very relaxed and easy going which makes him so approachable."
- Marcy B.

"Jeremy was such an extremely knowledgeable instructor. Every lesson he gave there was no question in your mind he was giving you solid and complete beta. He was an extremely good guide and technically sound. Any other technical courses I might take I would want an instructor just like Jeremy."
- William W.

"Watching him execute his rock craft was an art."
- Steve S.

"This climbing experience was one of the best experiences of my life and I cannot wait to start climbing more."
- Mirjam S.