Wednesday, November 26, 2014

La Sportiva Nago vs Mythos

"What's the main difference between the La Sportiva Nago Climbing Shoes and the La Sportiva Mythos Climbing Shoes? How does the La Sportiva Nago Climbing Shoes stack up against the La Sportiva Mythos Climbing Shoes?"

Great question! Those two shoes are very similar, with some noticeable differences that make them slightly better for some particular purposes.

To start off, the Mythos is an un-lined full leather shoe. This means it stretches out a lot over time. I size these pretty small in order to get a good lasting fit when they stretch out. The pair I used to own were a size 36.5, and I normally take a 39 in most other shoes. That stretching though makes them super comfortable. They're a great shoe for moderate all-day multi-pitch climbs.

The Nagos are a little different. They have a synthetic liner around the middle of the foot, so the stretching out is limited to the toe and heel. In my opinion that is just enough to make them break in and be comfortable, but not so much that they lose their sensitivity and performance ability. A great compromise.

The biggest difference is the Nago maintains its edge much longer than the Mythos. This is very important for performance on face climbs with small edges. With that in mind the two factors you need to weigh are all-day comfort against edging performance. If sized correctly, the Nago should provide a reasonable amount of comfort over a long time but the edging performance (or lack there of) can not be fixed with the Mythos. For that reason I prefer the Nago.

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Terrible Blog Updater

So I've been extremely absent from my blog since the Spring. I've been doing a bunch of fun things that I think are worth sharing, but my free time just hasn't been devoted towards this blog. But no longer! I've been getting a bunch of questions from friends and clients about climbing and figured I might as well start publishing my responses to them in this public forum for everyone to see. So for now I'm back with a regular stream of gear and technique related questions. Hope to get some trip reports and stories up here soon too.

See you in the mountains,