Monday, February 3, 2014

Expedition Prep: A Series

I'm starting a new series on my blog focused on preparing for big mountain expeditions. I will be doing my first expedition to climb Denali's West Buttress this June as a guide with the American Alpine Institute, and there are many things I'm doing in preparation for climbing this 20,320' peak. Although most of my equipment and training from winter climbing and mountaineering in regions like Washington's Cascades and the Northeast have direct carry-over onto an objective like Denali, I'm still evaluating my equipment needs and altering my fitness training appropriately. I'll be discussing a new topic every Tuesday and Thursday.

Myself on Mt. Rainier, one of the best mountains in the lower 48 for high altitude training.

Look for my first post tomorrow on insulating layers: puffy parkas and puffy pants. Expect further topics to include training for altitude, crevasse rescue, mountaineering boot choices, sleeping bag choices, etc. I look forward to suggested topics and questions as well.

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