Monday, December 23, 2013

New Hampshire Winter Climbing: Online Resources

There are a number of great resources online for anyone heading into the White Mountains in New Hampshire for winter hiking, climbing, or skiing. I use a few of these daily for their regular updates. Here are my favorites.

Some hunting around on weather sites and climbing forums lead me to
the Auburn, MA Ice Box Canyon one morning for a quick session on some thin ice.

  • Mount Washington Avalanche Center
    • Daily avalanche forecasting normally posted by 8:00 AM online, and earlier on the mountain at multiple locations on the way up to Tuckerman or Huntington's Ravine.
    • Photos of each ravine posted regularly. Great to assess ice conditions in Huntington.
  • Mount Washington Observatory
    • Daily weather report and up to the minute weather data collected by the manned observatory on the summit of Mt. Washington, as well as several remote monitoring sites. The absolutely most accurate forecasts for the White Mountains.
    • Webcams located on the summit give great ideas of current conditions, even if they're socked in the clouds.
    • Weekly White Mountain Report including photos of ice climbs and information from site administrator and long-time local climber Al Hospers. Normally updated on Thursdays, just in time for the weekend.
    • User created content for ice climbing including climbing photos, articles, and a very active forum.
    • Also great classified section, quick weather reference, and trip reports as well.
    • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is my favorite website for extended weather forecasting and anything not on Mt. Washington.
    • The "pin-drop" feature allows you to zero in on a specific crag to get the weather info. You can do that by searching the weather for a town close to the cliff, like Bartlett for Frankenstein Cliff, and then using the map on the right side of the page to find the cliff and clicking on a location.
These are my favorite and most frequently visited sites. Feel free to share yours in the comments section.

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