Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Auburn Ice Box Canyon

Back in December I got the opportunity to get out climbing with Conor Driscoll, a long-time climbing partner of mine. He had an interview in the morning so we only had a half day to get out. I met Conor around 10am at his house in Westford, MA and we proceeded further south to Auburn. He'd been to this place called the "Auburn Ice Canyon" a few times and said it was a great little spot to get our tools wet in MA. I prodded further and Conor described it as a culvert, which made me think of something I might get my car stuck in on the side of the road; NOT something I wanted to climb ice in. But we found our parking spot, hiked in, and were greeted with a steep canyon neatly blasted out of the earth.

We got to mess around on two different top-ropes. Half of one pitch could have been lead, but topping out wouldn't be protectable. There was one plumb line on maybe WI3 to warm up on, and then many variations including dry tooling. We were able to rack up the laps and turn it into a really fun work-out day. Climbing ice plastered to concrete was also neat, in its own way. Turned out to be a really fun afternoon session.

Conor styling between drips.

Conor trying some rock.

Myself on the upper thin column.

Myself on ice plastered concrete. All smiles.

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