Monday, October 4, 2010

Rained out in NH

So that wonderful trip to NH I was supposed to have, with climbing on Cannon cliff and at Upper West Bolton in Vermont, was properly sacked due to tropical depressions of rain. Depressions are an apt name for these rock climbing deterrent storms.

However, I did get to visit many friends and family while couch surfing from Cape Cod to Burlington. Between Mom & Dad, Nana & Bumpa, Nick, Tim, Frank and crew, Todd Wright and Mom and Pop Paushter it was a great trip. However, driving through the night to get to work and climb all day put me at being up for 36 hours strait. The next day I felt alright to start, but my energy quickly deteriorated and I was sick to my stomach and headachey. I drove myself home and immediately crawled into bed. Slept for a few hours before I was woken up with the urge to puke. And I did, but all I had in me was a couple mouth-fulls of water. I hate puking on an empty stomach. After that another 12 hours of sleep and I feel right as rain. It will be awhile before I do that again.

And now that I'm back in North Carolina the rock is dry, skies are blue, and temps are dialed to send! Rocktober is upon us, and I need to take full advantage. I may even start running more to get my endurance up. I'm in shape, but not distance running shape. And that type of endurance always helps me in the winter season. Skiing and ice climbing will be my focus all winter long. I'm a great snowboarder, but a crappy skier. I want to improve my skiing because it is the most fluid way to navigate the backcountry. Transitions between climbing snow, and skiing down it are much quicker in skis then a split board. So many days riding lifts to get strong ski legs is the plan.

Enough typing, time to get outside. Its a beautiful Monday in Asheville and I need to take advantage!

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