Friday, June 18, 2010

North Carolina

I wanted to start a blog for the purpose of cataloguing my climbing and guiding endeavors. However, I feel it is most appropriate to bring myself up to speed on current events in my life. I've just started my first job out of college at Wellspring Adventure Camp in Canton, NC. Nestled into the Blue Ridge Mountains between Mt. Pisgah and Cold Mountain, this place has been my home now for four weeks. And it will continue to be my home for another two, before my partner Liz and I move into our West Asheville Bungalow.

That's it above. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, basement, storage shed, back deck and fenced-in backyard. As my good friend Dave said, "Very domestic." All of our things are now in Asheville (Asheville Mini Storage to be completely accurate) with special thanks to Lamar for his help unloading the Uhaul.

Wellspring Adventure Camp has been a lot of fun so far. Their program for weight loss is truly inspired and provides campers with many opportunities for empowerment. I can't wait for our numbers to jump and to start functioning at maximum capacity.

But as for the true focus of this blog, climbing, that starts this Sunday the 20th. Liz and I are setting out to tackle Looking Glass hopefully by means of the route The Nose. It's heralded as the Southern classic, and we may have to beat the sun to this one in order to catch first dibs. I absolutely can't wait, given I've been staring at the many impressive faces throughout the Pisgah Forest for four weeks now without touching any of them! But I can manage. There will be a trip report soon following this outing. Cheers to all!

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